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Every star has to start somewhere, and our guitar lessons and keyboard training can get you on the right track. Developing a solid technique and preparing yourself for work in the studio takes time and practice. With our training, you can bring your dreams of stardom closer to reality. Work with a professional guitarist at Extreme Guitar and learn to play the keyboard and drums as well. Begin your journey to music mastery today.

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Since 1997, Extreme Guitar in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, has been training aspiring musicians through our guitar lessons and other instruction. Working in our advanced recording studio, you can build confidence while honing your skills in composition and method. Our doors are open to musicians of every skill level, and we offer one-on-one instruction for those dedicated to mastering their instrument. Students are able to thrive due to our focus on exceeding their expectations. Our rates are competitive, and we offer discounts for many of our loyal clients. We have worked with many talented musicians over the years, and we bring this experience to every student we work with. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to shine today.

Our guitar lessons and recording studio training can help you play the song in your heart.

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 Master your instrument step up your game we provide guitar lessons, vocal lessons, and recording studio training.
We teach every Genera call today at (401) 288-7905 Pawtucket, RI, MA